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I convert image based on CMYK to image based on RGB in the following way using ImageMagick(command Line) :

convert.exe -profile icc:JapanColor2001Coated.icc -colorspace cmyk input.jpg -profile icc:sRGB.icc -colorspace sRGB output.jpg 

And I challenge to convert image based on CMYK to image based on RGB in the following way using Magick.net

I show my sorce code below :

private MagickImage convertCMYKToRGB(MagickImage image)
            image.AddProfile(new ColorProfile(@"C:\sRGB.icc"));
            image.ColorSpace = ColorSpace.sRGB;
            return image;

but converted image using Image Magick(command line) is different from converted image using Magick.net

Maybe, I need to add ColorProfile to image based on CMYK not only to image based on RGB. but, I don't know how to add ColorProfile to input image(image based on CMYK)

How to set profile using Magick.net in the same way using Image Magick ?

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You should first add the old profile and then the new profile:

using (MagickImage image = new MagickImage("input.jpg"))
  image.AddProfile(new ColorProfile(@"C:\Path\JapanColor2001Coated.icc"));
  image.ColorSpace = ColorSpace.sRGB; // not sure if you need this

If you need more help feel free to start a discussion here: https://magick.codeplex.com/discussions. If you post a message there please include a link to your source image.

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Why is it necessary to add the "old profile"? Shouldn't that already be provided by the source image? –  BrianV Sep 26 '13 at 19:34
The conversion happens when one color profile is replaced with another profile. If the source image does not contain a color profile the conversion does not happen. Adding it will make sure the colors are converted. –  dlemstra Sep 27 '13 at 23:57

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