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I'm interested in writing software that depends on being able to identify that there is a face in a picture (or video frame). It doesn't have to ID the face - so no metrics other than:

  • Is there a human face in the picture (or more than one)
  • Where, approximately, are the eyes and mouth or nose tip (whatever it keyed on.)

It's popping up in cheap digital cameras now, so I expect there are open source packages that do this, or research that is easy enough to follow when rolling your own.

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You accepted the answer that says "Go Google"? That stifles the discussion a bit, don't you think? – Frank Krueger Feb 27 '09 at 16:54
At the time that I accepted it, it was the best answer, and I always try to select the best answer within a day or two (or once the question has fallen off the front page) – Adam Davis Feb 27 '09 at 17:42
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Check out the OpenCV library, here is a link for a good wiki about it.

And here you can see a sample program of implementing a face recognition app.

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Face Recognition is defined as the problem of matching a given unknown face image to a set of known face images. What you are looking for is Face Detection, google it and you should find plenty.

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Oooh, good catch, thanks! – Adam Davis Oct 9 '08 at 21:30

This is not a complete answer but it might help. Eigen-vectors are also used in face recognition: eigenfaces.

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