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I am building node addon with node 0.10.17 and in one of my class i am making a context of v8. I have this code :

v8::Locker locker;
v8::HandleScope handle_scope;
v8::Handle<v8::ObjectTemplate> globalTemplate;

// vvv--------------- Exception here at ->Set()
globalTemplate->Set(v8::String::New("version"), v8::FunctionTemplate::New(NodeVersion));
context = v8::Context::New(NULL, globalTemplate);
if (context.IsEmpty()) {
      fprintf(stderr, "Error creating context\n");

This is giving me exception in ->Set() function call. The application is just breaking.

What should i do ?

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Your globalTemplate pointer is null, since you only created a null v8::Handle.

You should do something like this:

v8::Handle<v8::ObjectTemplate> globalTemplate = v8::ObjectTemplate::New();
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Thanks, that was a silly mistake. Now it is giving exception on line context = v8::Context::New(NULL, globalTemplate); – Ashish Negi Sep 23 '13 at 4:27

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