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I've used lwuit in my j2me application and it works well.

When I've converted .jar file to .cod file and install it on BB emulator, I've faced runtime error 104.

Then I got the blackberry demo and lwuit.jar file included with it and when install it on BB it works well. But after I edit the theme.res file application doesn't open any more.

Please can you help me - how to apply my theme on bb app which using lwuit?

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3rd party lib error on BlackBerry

Talking about errors on BB, make sure you have preverified lwuit library and properly built project.
LWUIT - RIM BlackBerry Verification Errors
LWUIT - Building A Project On The BlackBerry
SO - Handling dependencies in blackberry development

Also, having 104 error, check the reason of it:

Art said...
Here is the tip, which helped me a lot:
To identify the class and method which causes the error, you can do the following :
Open the emulator of the BlackBerry JDE
Load the application
Open the application
An error screen should appear stating something like this :
jvm error 104 uncaught runtime exception Choose from the underlying menu (using the arrow keys) the option "catfail"
Now choose the right most point to save a file named "failure.zip" to your disk
Extract the files within failure.zip to your disk and open the .bug file
There are three interesting values in the .bug file:
(the package)
(the class)
(and the method which causes the error)

BlackBerry theme and LWUIT

And talking about theme problem, take a look at:
-EventLog file

javaloader.exe -u eventlog > eventlog.txt

(or go Home Screen and type ALT-LGLG)
-Eclipse console (run app in debug mode)

LWUIT under BlackBerry

Maybe there are some issues in a demo you downloaded, in a below links you can find alternatives:
LWUIT Blackberry implementation by thorsten_s
LWUIT Demo on BlackBerry with Eclipse

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