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Is there anyway to convert Mat into array in opencv? (c++) I need to copy a matrix (which is output of a function) into where a pointer points to. Format of the output is Mat and pointer is float. How do I copy it?

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Mat is also two dimensional array covered by class. If you need data in it, you can access it with Mat::at(int x, int y) method. Or copy raw data:

cv::Mat matrix;
float *new_data = new float[matrix.rows*matrix.cols];
float *p = new_data;
for(int i  = 0; i < matrix.rows; i++){
    memcpy(p, matrix.ptr(i), matrix.cols*sizeof(float));
    p += matrix.cols;
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Thanks a lot :) –  user3641098 Sep 20 '13 at 12:48
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