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I have some misunderstandings about the implementation of an SQL audit module, using as ORM Fluent NHibernate. So here is the situation:

We are talking about a Client-Server application build on MVC3 framework. Suppose there we have a method which renders the grid:

public ActionResult ShowGrid()
   var gridModel = _gridService.GetAllRecords();
   return View(gridModel);

Now when somebody executes a DB Inser/Update/Delete command, I want that every client which views that grid to see that there are some changes inside.

I have 3 ideas:

1) To write a script that makes a refresh by calling the database, each X seconds. Making a full Select even if there are no changes yet. Worst decision

2) To create some sort of trigger, which updates a custom audit table, and then to check if there is some new data, by comparing some Object State/ LastUpdate fields. Better

3) To use some other tools (no have ideea what tools), that will offer some solutions.

If somebody have some information, maybe there already exists a solution please share. Thank you very much!

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Using NHibernate, the easiest way:

NHibernate Interceptor

If you need implement something more complex you can mix it with event listeners:


Or use:


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