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I'm writing a script that collects data on PC1, ssh's into PC2, downloads the latest build to PC1, exits ssh, and installs the latest build on PC1. Very simple script but problematic when dealing with command line output while shelling.

And is this possible to do without installing anything that is not currently on a standalone machine? Not that I couldn't package the script with a tar file, but it would be easier to just send a .sh script rather than a package too.

read -p "Username: " DUSER
ssh $DUSER$DSSH /bin/bash << EOF
    # this line works with the previously collected variable
    cd $DVERSION
    # go to the last edited version (latest build)
    DBUILD="$(ls -dt */ | head -1)"
    # this echoes nothing but when running the above command manually, it works
#   echo $DBUILD
    cd $DBUILD/server
    DFILE="$(ls -a | grep EmsServer_Linux_$DARCH)"
    echo $DFILE
    # download latest Ems file to current server
    scp $DFILE root@$DIP:/opt/

DUSER, DSSH, DVERSION, DARCH, and DIP are previously collected DBUILD and DFILE are collected within the ssh tunnel and that's what is causing problems

All of these commands work manually but not in the EOF multiline file I'm passing to the ssh tunnel.


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