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I am new to Grails. I have seen how to expose the controller actions/methods as RESTFull services using UrlMapping.groovy file and using GET/POST/PUT/DELETE http methods.

Now following is my questions.

1.Is there any way exposing the service class methods (/service folder in Grails apps) as RESTFull services and access them in similar way as i accessed the controller actions as described above.

2.Is there a way to expose the service class methods as SOAP services?

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If you want to make Service class as Rest Service you could do that by having a wrapper method in controller as you need to create one or more controllers to handle RESTful requests and responses as Service class can't handle http requests. – TP_JAVA Sep 20 '13 at 15:26

You would like to look at JAXRS plugin and CXF plugin and this page for reference, if you have not transitioned to Grails 2.3 yet.

Grails 2.3.0 comes with a renaissance of REST services.

JAXRS plugin will help in achieving what you needed from question # 1 agreeing to the comment from @TP_JAVA about exposing service methods as controller action.

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