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I have two projetcs in two separate git. The second contains a partial fork of the first :

   +-- .git/
   +-- plugins/
   `-- project/
   +-- .git/
   +-- modules/
   `-- fork-project/

I managed to get that projectB using (got tips from here) :

git remote add -f projectA ../projectA
git merge -s ours --no-commit projectA/master
git read-tree --prefix=fork-project/ -u projectA/master:project

I got new commits in both projects and yet, I'd like to merge in projectB/master:fork-project the new work done in projectA/master:project

I just can't re-use git read-tree -m --prefix=fork-project/ -u HEAD projectA/master:project (options -m and --prefix= refuse to coexist) and -Xsubtree=fork-project/ as merge strategy option (git merge) tries to merge-in the whole projectA/master:* (ie do not take a tree-ish as argument according to --help).

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