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I am using the following query to retrieve all keyword records with the ones belonging to the group record with id=2 appearing first. This seems to work fine.

 SELECT k.*, g.groupid, kg.keywordid
  FROM keywords k
  JOIN keywords_groups kg ON k.keywordid=kg.keywordid
  JOIN groups g ON kg.groupid=g.groupid
 ORDER BY kg.groupid = 2 DESC;

However I am trying to translate this into DQL but keep getting the following error:

[Syntax Error] line 0, col 198: Error: Expected end of string, got '='

It seems the problematic line in my DQL is:

->orderBy($keywordQB->expr()->eq('g.groupid', ':keyword_group_id'), 'ASC')

It seems to me Doctrine doesn't support this and I can't think of an alternative way doing this in DQL.

Appreciate the help.

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Doctrine is support this. try this one

$query = Doctrine_Query::create()
                ->select('k.*, g.groupid, kg.keywordid')
                ->from('keywords k')
                ->innerJoin('keywordsGroups kg ON k.keywordid=kg.keywordid')
                ->innerJoin('Groups g ON kg.groupid=g.groupid')
                ->orderBy('kg.groupid = 2 DESC');
        $result = $query->execute(array(), Doctrine::HYDRATE_ARRAY);
        return $result;
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That snippet looks like DQL for Doctrine 1. I'm using Doctrine 2. –  Sid Sep 23 '13 at 13:58
Try ->orderBy('kg.groupid = 2', 'DESC')); –  Osama Jetawe Sep 23 '13 at 18:14

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