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i am developing vsto and i would like to hide some controls on the ribbon Particulary i need to hide menu - Change Styles on styles group in home tab. I tried to do it via xml:

<customUI xmlns="" onLoad="Ribbon_Load">
      <tab idMso="TabHome">
        <group idMso="GroupStyles">
          <menu idMso="ChangeStylesMenu" visible="0"/>


but menu is still visible it looks like i cant get this control. My question is anyone can get this control? Via xml or via code? By the way what is the way to get ribboncontrols programmatically. I know that there is RibbonGroup class but i dont know how to load it(how to get it via id) If i could do it i would get all items belongs to it. Any ideas?

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Here is one way to do so in C#:

// disable all controls in ribbon
foreach (RibbonGroup group in Globals.Ribbons.MyRibbon.MyTab.Groups)
    foreach (RibbonControl control in group.Items)
        control.Enabled = false;

Notice that MyTab is the name (controlID) of the tab in your ribbon.

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I have two guesses on the answer above: 1) For some RibbonControls you have to do more/other than set "Enabled = false". E.g. for a SplitButton you have to set "splitButton.ButtonEnabled = false" 2) The Disable-Function should be recursive because you can have child controls e.g. in a RibbonMenu-Control – jreichert Jan 13 at 14:05

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