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So for your first NodeJS project, you install the V8 debugger for Eclipse from ChromeDevTools.

And whenever you have a new NodeJS project in Eclipse, what you basically do is duplicate your Debug Configuration and make two changes:

  • Change the Source Mapper that connects the project to the local directory
  • Change the Source Mapper that connects the project to the local/remote host

This works, no problem.

But the list of Debug Configurations builds and builds. You'll have to click the debug-dropdown and choose from the list of many debug configurations the one that was meant for your current project.

  • Isn't there an easier way to do this?
    1. Have one NodeJS Debug Configuration that automatically changes the Source Mappers based on the current project? Or;
    2. Save the project's required debug configuration and tie this specific configuration to a shortcutkey or the debug button for the current project, so you don't have to pick it from a list every single time?

Because I always have to click the Debug As... drop-down and choose the proper configuration.
enter image description here

If I just click the Debug As... button (the little green bug), I always get this: enter image description here
Even if I've just debugged.

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Try nodeclipse http://www.nodeclipse.org/ that goes with many ChromeDevTools bugs fixed.

Remote debugging is not possible with Nodeclispe, so install it in other Eclispe instance or get Enide Studio http://sf.net/p/nodeclipse

And if it stil won't be enough, I am glad to share what I know to help you with changing ChromeDevTools in the way you want https://github.com/nodeclipse/nodeclipse-1/.

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Although this didn't answer my question, this information might be valuable. But can you elaborate your answer a bit? What is the difference between NodeEclipse and CDT/V8-Debugger for Eclipse? What is the benefit of Enide Studio? It seems to do a subset of Eclipse features. –  Redsandro Nov 15 '13 at 15:14
NodeEclipse integrates CDT/V8-Debugger. No configuration is needed, just Run as -> Node Application. Internally RunConfiguration is created automatically and breakpoints in CDT/V8-Debugger and JS Editor are synchronized. Warning: it is impossible to have unmodified CDT/V8-Debugger and Nodeclipse at the same time. Enide Studio is Eclipse distribution with some plugins preinstalled. You can start from vanilla Eclipse as well. –  Paul Verest Nov 18 '13 at 1:44

For the second question about key shortcut, check linked Q to Eclipse - How to assign key shourtcut command to Launch type (Run As type)

Or maybe you want to use Eclipse Runner http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/eclipse-runner

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