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I am creating a Google Form and am using the data validation feature in the text/paragraph text option. I need to validate the names of people. The names need to be filled in capital letters and will possibly have a variable number of words. The name could be 'FIRSTNAME LASTNAME' or 'FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME LASTNAME' or 'FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME1 MIDDLENAME2 LASTNAME', etc.

Another thing is that some of the names include characters from the Turkish and Portuguese alphabet and in the future, could include characters from the Cyrillic alphabet also. How can I include all such possibilities in the regex? It would also be great if an explanation could be given for the expressions used.

PS: I checked Regular expression for validating names and surnames? but 1. It is only valid for Name Surname, and 2. It includes small case letters as well.

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Why do they need to be in capitals? Most people don't write their name in caps. –  Spudley Sep 20 '13 at 14:49
Because the names are for business cards printed and we use capital letters on them. The output file will go directly to the printer. –  Ambar Sep 22 '13 at 7:50
fair enough. but couldn't you also just accept mixed case and then convert to upper case internally? (ie whatever language you're using the regex with would presumably have a strtoupper() or similar?) –  Spudley Sep 22 '13 at 14:26

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One of these might give you some idea's -

 # --------------------
 # To capture names, first/last name required
 # \s*\p{Lu}+(?:\s+\p{Lu}+)*\s+\p{Lu}+\s*
 # --------------------

 \s*                       # some boundry                  (optional)
 ( \p{Lu}+ )               # (1), upper case first name    (required) 
 (                         # (2), upper case middle names  (optional)
      (?: \s+ \p{Lu}+ )*
 \s+                       # some boundry                  (required) 
 ( \p{Lu}+ )               # (3), upper case last name     (required) 
 \s*                       # some boundry                  (optional)

 # --------------------
 # Or, if no boundry and only first name required
 # \p{Lu}+(?:\s+\p{Lu}+)*
 # --------------------

 (?: \s+ \p{Lu}+ )*

 # --------------------
 # Or, if no boundry and first/last name required
 # --------------------

 (?: \s+ \p{Lu}+ )+
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