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I have GPS coordinates on all of my photos. I want to include tags/IPTC data for the city, state, zip, etc.. However all I have is the GPS coordinates. How can I take these and get meaningful info in an automated fashion (I have thousands upon thousands of photos, so typing each one into google maps would not work).

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You can do reverse geocoding with Google Maps API using the following HTTP request:

Simple CSV:,-73.986939&output=csv&sensor=false

More Complex XML:,-73.986939&output=xml&sensor=false

Simply change the "q" parameter with your latitude,longitude.

Note that the Google Maps API has a limit of 15,000 request per IP address per day. (Google Maps API FAQ)

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Oh nice, any idea on ToS for that? Can I do 40000 of these overnight? :) – esac Dec 12 '09 at 2:05
You can do 15,000 per IP address per day: – Daniel Vassallo Dec 12 '09 at 2:10

What about doing reverse geocoding with the Google Maps API?

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Here is a bulk Reverse Geocoder which, internally, uses the Google Maps API to reverse geocode an entire series (in a CSV file) of latitude and longitude pairs.

It would make this fairly easy.

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