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I currently have Xcode 4.6.3 installed. Today the App Store told me that Xcode 5 is available.

Should I upgrade, or will the upgrade break GHC 7.6.3?

I am looking at ghc trac #8197 and ghc trac #8148, and they seem to suggest that there will be problems. Is that correct?

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Try and share;) –  lambdas Sep 20 '13 at 16:08
Maybe over the weekend. –  Lambdageek Sep 20 '13 at 16:10
Might be wise to avoid Xcode 5 for now: haskell.org/pipermail/haskell-cafe/2013-September/108902.html –  Tom Savage Sep 20 '13 at 16:30
@TomSavage Great! could you make your comment an answer? –  Lambdageek Sep 20 '13 at 16:34
Hopefully this will be patched soon, I'd really like to be able to test 7.6 in the future (currently I use ghc's head) –  jozefg Sep 20 '13 at 20:12

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No it is not.

Upgrading to Xcode 5 will break a whole mess of things. (A common one is Cabal installs)

GHC 7.6.x does not now how to use clang for a preprocessing step and it will break.

Do not upgrade to Xcode 5 until GHC 7.8 is released.

I did this before I started learning haskell and it was not a fun experience trying to figure out what went wrong when I tried to download cabal packages and ghc generated a 4000 line error code.

See: http://haskell.org/pipermail/haskell-cafe/2013-September/108902.html

If anyone who has already downloaded Xcode 5 stumbles upon this after everything breaks, the way to fix your bug is:

  1. Download the Xcode 4.6.x command line tools from the apple developer website.
  2. Install
  3. Write some killer Haskell
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