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I tried searching for this problem several hours and did not find any solution.
Here it goes:
I started programming a small Pokemon-like RPG with fights including healthbars.

For the healthbars I'm using this code:

public void Draw(GameTime gameTime)
    spriteBatch.Draw(pixel, new Rectangle((int)hpBarPosition.X - 2, (int)hpBarPosition.Y - 2, monstar.HPBase + 4, hpBarHeight + 4), Color.Black);
    spriteBatch.Draw(pixel, new Rectangle((int)hpBarPosition.X, (int)hpBarPosition.Y, monstar.HPCurrent, hpBarHeight), Color.Green);

Relevant variables are explained here:

  • monstar.HPBase and HPCurrent are just int values like 300.
  • hpBarPosition is initialized Vector2 hpBarPosition = new Vector2(350, 180);
  • hpBarHeight is 10.
  • pixel is initialized in the constructor of my HPBar class as
    pixel = new Texture2D(spriteBatch.GraphicsDevice, 1, 1);
  • The spriteBatch is the same as in my main class. (its just passed as parameter)
  • The Draw-Method is called in the Draw-Method of the main class between a GraphicsDevice.Clear(Color.Indigo); spriteBatch.Begin(); and a spriteBatch.End();

Btw my class does NOT inherit from DrawableGameComponent. Im just calling my self-written Draw methods in the draw method in the main class.

Now I expected a black bar with a slightly smaller green bar on top of it so that the black bar acts as a border to the green bar. However the black color is not showing up AT ALL. And the green bar is a mix between Green and Indigo, which is a dark blueish green similar to CadetBlue on this chart. But its not always like that. Sometimes i get the black bar and a very dark green on it and very very rarely it looks as intended.

I'm using the newest Monogame version on Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7. And apart from the healthbar, all other textures like characters, monsters, backgroundtiles are displayed properly.

Any idea what the problem is?
Thanks in advance.

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Maybe your texture isn't being properly initialized? Try using pixel.SetData() to set it to pure white after you create it. – Cole Campbell Sep 20 '13 at 15:14
Wow. That worked! I thought it will default to White anyways so i dont need to touch it further. Thanks alot ! So if it wasnt White with 255 Alpha, what was it then? – MasterReY Sep 20 '13 at 15:37
Probably random garbage, which would explain it being different every time you ran it. – Cole Campbell Sep 20 '13 at 15:39

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