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This is my first question.

I'm perfectionist, so i'll specify the business rules and let the questions for last, sorry for the amount of text below.

I'm working on a project, it's a online study platform, where students can, aside of many other functions, hear all the past lessons with a very customized MP3 Player. I need help to know how i can customize the playability of the audio player with a few rules, as mentioned below:

  1. The player will use HTML <button> controls with Glyphicons. I will only need 1 button, which is a Play/Pause button that will switch through the play and stop Glyphicons (i know how to do this in JQuery), and i will need a time progress bar. Users will have no need to jump to the next lesson from the actual, and i intend to show only one lesson per page, which might make things simpler.

  2. All the lessons are recorded as MP3 files and are being uploaded to Kiwi, where i can get the file direct link.

  3. I have a Database where i can save the Lessons with some info about it and the direct link to Kiwi, as mentioned above.

  4. Here comes the challenge. I intend to have a field in an association table with the Student and the Lesson tables, where it'll save the current time where the student has stopped listen to the actual lesson. Let's call this fieldCurrentTime on the entity Student_Lesson just for didactic purposes. This is because, in the institution rules, when a student miss a class, the secretariat wants him to listen to the online lesson, so they want to know if the student has listened to the whole lesson, and i want to be able to save the current time . So i need a way to be constantly checking the current time with Javascript (or other simpler technology means) and saving it to the CurrentTime field, let's say, every 10 seconds. I'll do it with AJAX so the student can continue to listen to the lesson without being interrupted.

  5. If the student exits the window and starts to listen to the same lesson another time, i want the player to continue where it stopped, with the time data brought from the CurrentTime field.

  6. The student can roll through the time progress bar to listen to a specific part of the lesson.

So, i know how to save the CurrentTime to the DataBase, sending it via AJAX, etc. My main questions, in summary, are:

  1. I need to get the CurrentTime every 10 seconds using Javascript and execute SaveToDatabase(CurrentTime) Javascript's Method with the current time of the audio being played.

  2. I need to make a custom MP3 player with a Play/Pause <button> that will pause and play an MP3 provided by a direct url link.

  3. I need to make possible so the user can scroll through time with a time progress bar, if possible, a very CSS friendly customizable bar, so i can make it fits the Bootstrap style.

  4. If the user opens the Lesson again, i need the player to starts at the CurrentTime for the actual lesson, if CurrentTime exists. If not, it'll start at the beginning (0:00) of the lesson.

Technologies: I'm using the brand new Bootstrap 3.0, with a ASP.NET MVC 4 application with Entity Framework.

Thanks for the patience, i hope you guys can help me.


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I think this should help you: http://html5doctor.com/html5-audio-the-state-of-play/

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That did it! Thanks, mate! –  Edgar Salazar Oct 14 '13 at 13:53

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