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In my system has many forms for insert and edit database registers

But before to save date in database, I need validate any camp, validate it values is empty or not, validate TextBox.Text lenght, etc...

I validated they with many many if's

if (tbName.Text.Equals("")) { }
if (tbPass.Password.Equals("")) { }
if (tbEmail.Text.Equals("")) { }
if (tbTelephone.Text.Equals("")) { }

if (tbNome.Text.Length < 4) { }
if (tbPass.Password.Length < 5) { }
if (!tbEmail.Text.Contains('@')) { }

but it is very no efficiency and I don't know any other solution for this

What solution is usual for this?

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First google hit on WPF Validation. You should be using MVVM and not manipulating or getting UI elements' properties directly. –  HighCore Sep 20 '13 at 15:21
@HighCore hummm I'm beginner in WPF, can you tell me more about this or give me a reference for study, please? –  Lai32290 Sep 20 '13 at 15:28

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This is by hand so it will have some syntax errors
You will probably also want to implement iNotifyPropertyChanged
Then Validation

public Class ValidatedText 
    private string vText;
    private bool valid = true;
    Int23 maxLen = 0;
    public bool Valid 
       get { return valid; }
          if (valid == value) return;
          valid = value;
    public string Vtext 
       get { return vText; }
          if (vText == value) return;
          if (value.Len < 0) 
              Valid = false;
          // do additional validation here
          vText = value;
   public ValidatedText (string VText; Int32 MaxLen)
   {   vText = Vtext; maxLen - MaxLen;   }
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