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I currently have a requirement to use Powershell to retrieve data from an XML file. The data will be used to construct a users DN in AD. All I need the PS script to do is retrieve each users accountname and then create a string value with their OU structure.

XML Example

<OrgDescription>Admin Clerks</OrgDescription>
<OrgDescription>Administration Services(UK)</OrgDescription>
<OrgDescription>Global Admin</OrgDescription>

The OU structure is bottom up in each of the user entries so this user SmithJ resides in the 'Admin Clerks' OU.

Example of what I need powershell to produce:



Target OU

,OU=Admin Clerks,OU=Administration Services(UK),OU=Global Admin,OU=Contoso

Ideally this would be exported to CSV with an AccountName column and a 'TargetOU' column and the user data populated below.

I am new to powershell and I am currently learning it in my own time.

Could someone tell me if im approaching this correctly, so far I have

[xml]$userfile = Get-Content C:\Users.xml

foreach( $user in $userfile.user) 

Write-Output $AN.accountname

foreach( $user in $userfile.user.OrgUnit.Org)


$TargetOU = ",OU=" + $User.OrgDescription | Write-Host -NoNewline  


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


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Well, just to build the target OU string I would do this:

'OU=' + (($userfile.user.OrgUnit.ChildNodes | Select -expand OrgDescription) -join ',OU=')
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