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I've got a problem with transfering files with Mule trough FTP. The mule console says Failed to retrieve file 40525600_100492.xml. Ftp error: 550 but all files but one is transfered but when they end up in the other FTP they are renamed to a 0aa00a0-00aaa0-00akahd-sakka-aaa.dat-file.

What is wrong? Do I need to have a delay?

<flow name="XR-importFlow2" doc:name="XR-importFlow2">
    <ftp:inbound-endpoint host="XX.XX.XX.77" port="21" path="XRRDF/wrkcd" user="user" password="password" responseTimeout="10000" doc:name="FTP" disableTransportTransformer="true" passive="true"/>
    <ftp:outbound-endpoint host="xx.xx.xx.xx" port="21" path="x-path" user="anonymous" responseTimeout="10000" doc:name="FTP"/>

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To overwrite the default name mule is using for copying files, specify the outputPattern attribute in ftp:outbound-endpoint. To copy files with original name, you can use outputPattern="#[header:originalFilename]", like this:

<ftp:outbound-endpoint host="xx.xx.xx.xx" port="21" path="x-path" user="anonymous" responseTimeout="10000" doc:name="FTP" outputPattern="#[header:originalFilename]"/>

Try specifying a pollingFrequency attribute on ftp:inbound-endpoint with a value of may be 60000 (1min), to see if it helps you

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