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I'm outside the loop and want to call a custom value "featvideo" and display it. If there isn't "featvideo" then print an image...

The video displays, but when there isn't a video a blank box displays. You can see the the issue here: http//

(and yes, $images is a function defined in functions.php and works)

     $feat_catbox_1 = new WP_Query("cat=$tt_feat_id&showposts=$tt_feat_postcount"); 
     while ($feat_catbox_1->have_posts()) : $feat_catbox_1->the_post();
     $key = 'featvideo'; 
     $video_url = get_post_custom_values($key); 
     $featuredvideo = $video_url[0];
     <div class="contentdiv">    
            <div id="featured-thumb">
        <?php if ($key=="featvideo")
             echo $featuredvideo;					
            elseif ($key=="") 
               echo $images('1', '390', '244', 'alignleft', true); ?>
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Since you have set $key = 'featvideo' and then test if it is set later, it will always return true. You never change the value of $key anywhere in your code except when you set it.

I would suggest something like the following for your if statement:

     echo $featuredvideo;
     echo $images('1', '390', '244', 'alignleft', true);
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I follow you. I delted $key = 'featvideo'; and replaced with your code. See: Now I get a blank screen. I know we're close! – Greg Dec 12 '09 at 3:13
Sorry Greg, deleting $key = 'featvideo' was not what was important as much as that you tested for it but never changed it. Keep all your original code the same, just use my if statement instead of your original one. – Doug Neiner Dec 12 '09 at 3:17
Got it, had to change 'echo $images...' to 'echo images...' Thank you for your help! – Greg Dec 12 '09 at 3:23

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