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so i've implemented an experimental cache for my memory-hungry app, and thrown a heap into the mix so i can easily get the least accessed objects once the cache outgrows a certain limit—the idea is to purge the cache from objects that are likely not re-used any time soon and if so, retrieve them from the database.

so far, so fine, except there may be objects that have not yet been written to the database and should not be purged. i can handle that by setting a 'dirty' bit, no problem. but there is another source of problems: what if there are still valid references to a given, cached object lurking around somewhere? this may lead to a situation where function f holds a reference A to an object with an ID of xxx, which then gets purged from cache, and then another function g requests an object with the same ID of xxx, but gets another reference B, distinct from A. so far i'm building my software on the assumption that there should only ever be a single instance of any persisted object with a given ID (maybe that's stupid?).

my guess so far is that i could profit from a garbage-collection-related method like gc.get_reference_count( value )—checking that and knowing any count above 1 (since value is in the cache) means some closure is still holding on to value, so it should not be purged.

i haven't found anything useful in this direction. does the problem in general call for another solution?

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What makes you think V8 even has reference counts? –  delnan Sep 20 '13 at 16:40
i'm not sure it does... but it does have garbage collection, and didn't that used to use reference counts? –  flow Sep 20 '13 at 16:44
Tracing garbage collecting is the formal term, and it's been "a thing" since at least the late 60s. Not the only "thing" there is, some environments use refcounts primarily (a few even use them exclusively), but most garbage collectors are exclusively tracing. –  delnan Sep 20 '13 at 16:50
ok just read up on that and discovered V8 uses the generational approach... kind of a reversal of my cache's LRU strategy... so yeah maybe ref counts are out. the readup also proved that there are just 2 difficult things in CS, one of them being cache invalidation. guess i gotta dumb down my approach. –  flow Sep 20 '13 at 17:12

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