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Another developer and had this conversation today:

Me: Dependency Injection is cool, lol.

Dennis: What happens when I need an instance of the DoStuff class and the only constructor I have is DoStuff( ISomeInterface interface1, ISomeInterface interface2 ) where the concrete types are completely different?

Me: ...

We use Unity as our preferred container. How would I register that when I need to resolve ISomeInterface that the concrete type can be two different types?

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While this situation can be resolved, you may want to reconsider such a constructor and refactor it to something less ambiguous. –  Mark Seemann Dec 12 '09 at 15:30

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Take a look at the ParameterOverride class. It allows you to specify parameters by name:

   container.Resolve<IDoStuff>(new ParameterOverrides<DoStuff> { { "interface1", new SomeInterfaceImpl() }, { "interface2", AnotherSomeInterfaceImpl() } });
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