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Running an EC2 instance, have installed phpMyAdmin and when I create the config.inc.php file (and move it to the top level directory) and then try to navigate via browser to (mydomain)/phpmyadmin and I get this:

"Wrong permissions on configuration file, should not be world writable!"

So, I ran this command:

chmod 755 config.inc.php

And then when I reload the browser page I get the default chrome "Server Error" page as though there is nothing there at all.

I have repeated the process several times, with no luck.

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It's possible that there's an error in the config.inc.php file (IIRC, the test for permissions comes before trying to load the file), so you should first check your webserver error log for hints about what is causing the "Server Error" message.

You can also try loading the config.inc.php file directly (http://example.com/phpmyadmin/config.inc.php or whatever your path is), that might show a better error message.

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Here's one solution, though it seems like a hack:


Same here:


And this guy says that '705' is actually the permission set you want:

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well, changing it to 705 made something happen. For giggles, I went and changed out all the contents of phpmyadmin/index.php and replaced it with just echo "hello" to see if I could display it. That worked. So it must be something inside of the index.php file that is not working. –  BenUNC Sep 20 '13 at 19:25
This worked chmod 0755 config.inc.php Phew. Thanks. :) –  Death Metal May 28 at 18:46

Change the permission of config.inc.php to 644. It worked for me.

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If you cannot work around the filesystem-related issues, the preferred solution is to avoid this verification, see https://phpmyadmin.readthedocs.org/en/latest/config.html#cfg_CheckConfigurationPermissions

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change permission of file my.cnf as "sudo chmod 644 -R /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf". it worked for me.

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