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There are two patterns of naming files in my directory.

Pattern 1:

'XXXXXX FixedCost_zz123.mat'

Pattern 2

'XXXXXX FixedVolume.mat'

So, based on above some examples of real files in my folder are:

'Sap FixedCost_pkz123.mat'
'ASDFG FixedCost_z1.mat'
'TUP112RA FixedCost_h1453.mat'
'as FixedVolume.mat'
'P1234L FixedVolume.mat'
'afg FixedVolume.mat'

I want to be able to find all files of 'FixedCost' and 'FixedVolume' type based on what I need at any instance. How do I achieve this ? My input to the function would be either 'FixedCost' or 'FixedVolume'.

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You can use the dir function with an argument specifying a filename pattern:

fixedCostFiles = dir('*FixedCost*.mat');
fixedVolumeFiles = dir('*FixedVolume.mat');

If you want more sophisticated selections and are not afraid of java you could also use the apache FileUtils, they come as part of MATLAB's java:


Specifically, check the listFiles function.

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How do I add directory structure to it if I want to provide the user the option to enter any drive he wants to use and hence the directory structure would be another input to the function. –  user1243255 Sep 20 '13 at 18:54
In that case, prefix the filename-pattern with the directory dir("path/to/files/*FixedCost*.mat") - as in MatteoD's answer. –  sebastian Sep 20 '13 at 18:57

This will return all the files with a specific wildcard in the name

file_list_1 = dir(fullfile(directory_path, '*FixedVolume*.mat'))
file_list_2 = dir(fullfile(directory_path, '*FixedCost_zz123*.mat'))
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matlab has regex if you need something more complex http://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/regexp.html

also see the "match" or "tokens" options

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