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I'm trying to find the average of the x and y coordinates of the blobs in a given bitmap image. As far as I can tell, I should be using

BlobCounter blobCounter = new BlobCounter();
Blob[] blobs = blobCounter.GetObjectsInformation();
foreach (Blob blob in blobs)
     blobCounter.GetBlobsLeftAndRightEdges(Blob blob, out leftPoints, out rightPoints);


But a), I get an error, saying that "no overload for method GetBlobsLeftAndRightEdges takes 1 arguments", and b), I'm not sure where to go from there. Any help?

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well you try to fill an array with dimensional info something like

public Rectangle[] Blobcounter.GetObjectsRectangles() ?

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I am not sure why you want avg of X & Y coordinates of all blobs, just to help you better. But in any case, if you want X and Y coordinates of each of the blob, you can replace the code in for loop with:

Rectangle rect = blob.Rectangle;

rect provides X and Y properties to get X and Y coordinates of the blob and some more properties which may help you in further processing..

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