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List out the Tools and Utilities to develop Rich Interactive Application on Microsoft platform

The recommendations should have some sort of direct relationship with either XAML or Silverlight/WPF and not the common .NET utilities.

  1. Expression Blend - XAML Development
  2. Expression Design - Graphic asset creation
  3. KaXaml, A cool and handy XAML editor http://www.kaxaml.com/
  4. Snoop a WPF tool http://snoopwpf.codeplex.com
  5. Mole WPF Visual Tree debugger
  6. Blender for 3D modeling http://www.blender.org/
  7. Silverlight Deepzoom composer
  8. SilverlightSpy - Suggested by @Bryant
  9. Adobe Illustrator to XAML export http://www.mikeswanson.com/xamlexport/
  10. ZAM 3D - 3D model/animation authoring tool; it also converts 3DS Max files to xaml suggested by @cplotts

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SilverlightSpy is great for developing Silverlight apps.

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  1. .NET Reflector

    Helps you browse and/or analyze the WPF API (or any assembly).

  2. ZAM 3D

    3D model/animation authoring tool; it also converts 3DS Max files to xaml.

  3. Swift 3D

    Is able to open ZAM 3D models and shoot them out as a image (png) sequence for flip book animation. I believe it also offers some Silverlight export options.

  4. Paint.NET

    Everyone needs a image editing tool whether it be Photoshop, Gimp, or this.

  5. Notepad++

    This file editor handles large files xaml files well and it folds. This tool was a huge help when I was editing some big 3D model/animation xaml files.

I also want to say that I just stumbled across a debugger visualizer that is quick, lightweight ... nice to have alongside Mole and what it offers. Check this guy out: DepO

Finally, another StackOverflow post also covers this topic.

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XamlPad (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms742398.aspx) is great little XAML editor.

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