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I have a Vagrantfile that clones the required cookbook repos on vagrant up. The problem is, it also does this on vagrant destroy. Is there a way to define 'pre-construction' and 'pre-destruction' commands or does the Vagrantfile just get run in totality each time vagrant is invoked regardless of the parameters?

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check out this little plugin I've written, maybe it could fit your needs: github.com/emyl/vagrant-triggers –  Emyl Sep 23 '13 at 9:47

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I don't know about a destroy hook, but you can detect first time and post-destoy actions in the Vagrantfile by checking the existence of the machine ID:


I use this to drop in the public key for the machine, which allows me to setup a secure SSH key automatically:

if ! File.exists?(".vagrant/machines/default/virtualbox/id")
    # Then this machine is brannd new.
    system "cp #{KEYS_DIR}/workstation.pub #{OUR_DIR}"
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Exactly my situation. Thank you very much! –  s3v3n Jun 16 at 11:54

Instead of writing your own cookbook dependency manager I strongly suggest using Berkshelf or librarian. Both have plugins for Vagrant which already have the functionality you're looking for.

I started using librarian (simpler, focuses on doing one thing well), but have switched to Berkshelf (it's like adding extra blades to my knife command).

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