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As a follow up to this post python pandas complex number and now that complex works fine with pandas, I want to save the complex numbers but without the parentheses - when I use the following command the last column (complex number) is printed inside parentheses EDIT: here is the full code, to read the data file (sample here)

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv('final.dat', sep=",", header=None)
df.columns=['X.1', 'X.2', 'X.3', 'X.4','X.5', 'X.6', 'X.7', 'X.8']
df['X.8'] = df['X.8'].str.replace('i','j').apply(lambda x: np.complex(x))
df1 = df.groupby(["X.1","X.2","X.5"])["X.8"].mean().reset_index()
df1['X.3'] = df["X.3"] #add extra columns
sorted_data = df1.reindex_axis(sorted(df1.columns), axis=1)
sorted_data.to_csv = ('final_sorted.dat', sep=',', header = False)

all works well, but the in the output csv file the complex are inside parentheses - and I cannot use them this way, so I want to remove them

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Please include everything that is relevant to this question. –  flornquake Sep 20 '13 at 20:11
@flornquake updated per your comment - let me know if additional info is needed –  Dimitris Sep 20 '13 at 20:50

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Prob could have better support for reading/writing complex, but ATM this will work.

In [25]: df = DataFrame([[1+2j],[2-1j]],columns=list('A'))

In [26]: df
0  (1+2j)
1  (2-1j)

In [27]: df['A'] = df['A'].apply(str).str.replace('\(|\)','')

In [28]: df
0  1+2j
1  2-1j

In [29]: df.to_csv('test.csv')

In [30]: !cat test.csv
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thanks Jeff that worked like a charm! –  Dimitris Sep 20 '13 at 20:53

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