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I'm trying to query a MySQL call log database to find phone numbers that are under-performing in the last hour as compared to the average of their last week. I have a table with a record of every call I receive and what phone number it used. I must run a script that emails me every hour that a phone number doesn't get at least 50% of it's average call volume in the last hour. For all intents and purposes i have a table with two columns. The datetime and the number. So far I can query how many calls I got per number in the last week with the following command:

SELECT PhoneNumber,
FROM CallRecords
WHERE CallDateTime > (now() - interval 7 day)
GROUP BY PhoneNumber;

I must now divide each of those counts by about 80 (to break the week into work hours (40) and allow for numbers to not trigger if they still make 50%) and if in the last hour I get less than that many calls per number, the query would show those numbers.

I've got a rigged work-around in the mean time that finds numbers that haven't gotten a call in the last hour that typically got over 100 calls per week. It looks like this:

SELECT PhoneNumber
FROM (SELECT PhoneNumber
      FROM (SELECT PhoneNumber,
                   count(*) as count
            FROM CallRecords
            WHERE PhoneNumber != ""
            AND CallDateTime > (now() - interval 7 day)
            GROUP BY PhoneNumber) as Temp0
      WHERE count > 100) as Temp1
                          FROM CallRecords
                          WHERE PhoneNumber != ""
                          AND CallDateTime > (now() - interval 1 hour))
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