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What the program does: Reads two values from input, asks user whether to add, subtract, or find the product. If user enters one of the three options, it calculates, otherwise the program will loop back to the beginning. The program should STOP after calculation if the user enters one of the three options.

I'm not sure why it keeps on looping. How do I make the script loop only when the user types in a string other than "sum", "difference", or "product"? Also, how can I make the code simpler? Is there any way to loop the program without using do ... while?

import java.util.Scanner;
import java.util.Random;

public class simp_calculator
  public static void main (String[] args)
    Scanner scan = new Scanner (;
    double a, b;
    String response;
    boolean noresponse;

      System.out.println ("Please enter first number.");
      a = scan.nextDouble();

      System.out.println ("Please enter second number.");
      b = scan.nextDouble();

      System.out.println ("Would you like to find the sum, difference, product?");
      response =;

      if (response.equalsIgnoreCase ("sum"))
        System.out.println (a + b);

      if (response.equalsIgnoreCase ("difference"))
        System.out.println (a - b);

      if (response.equalsIgnoreCase ("product"))
        System.out.println (a * b);

        noresponse = true; 
        System.out.println ("Starting again...");

    while (noresponse = true);

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You are using the assignment operator, =, so noresponse will always be true. The result of the assignment expression is thus true.

You want to check if it is true, so use the comparison operator ==:

while (noresponse == true);

or, because it's already a boolean:

while (noresponse);

Also, you may be getting a compiler error that noresponse may not have been initialized. You will need to make sure that it's initialized in all cases, and that something sets it to false so the loop will eventually end.

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change while (noresponse = true); to while (noresponse == true);.
= is an assignment operation - where as == comparison.

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Two errors:

  • The else applies only to the last if; so for any value, other that "product", noresponse becomes true and the loop goes on. Replace all your ifs from the second on with else ifs.
  • noresponse should be given the value false at the beginning of the loop.
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There are 2 issues:

  1. Currently you are looping while noreponse equals true. So to exit that loop, you need to setnoresponse to false when a particular condition is met :) I could give you the answer, but you should be able to figure it out with the info I've given you. (hint: at some point you need to set noresonse to false).

  2. Also, you are setting noresponse to equal, rather than comparing it. You need to use == to compare.

So make while (noresponse = true); into while (noresponse == true);.

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just change while (reponse = true) to while(reponse) and name the variable ..

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