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This question has been asked sometimes before by other. But i did not get my answer. Hope you will help me with this.

I have large BCP file with more than 3000 rows. When it is copied with options -c -t| -r\n it fails at line number 2967 saying UNEXPECTED EOF encountered in bcp data file.

If i see that line through od -bc and compare to the previous line i see not much of difference. When i tried to load the file in a different enviroment (Testing) with option as below: -c -t\| -r\ runs fine.

Could someone please advise me on how to proceed further?

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I was facing the same issue. I opened the file in notepad++. and changed the encoding to UCS-2 Little endian. And it worked for me. UCS-2 Little Endian encoding is what SQL Server expects as default encoding,

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