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I have a website successfully deployed to Azure and it's been working fine. Recently the website stops responding seemingly out of nowhere with "server encountered an internal error". It comes back on its own.

To troubleshoot this, I believe I need to FTP the logs from the website to review them.

To get the logs, I believe I need to create Deployment Credentials for the website (I normally deploy from within Visual Studio using a publishing profile.

When I go to create the deployment credentials, I repeatedly receive the error "Failed to Set Credentials with error: 'Cannot modify this user as there is another operation in progress.'"

I am not aware of any other operation in progress. Is there a way to look at what other operation is in progress? Does this even sound like a legitimate issue? Is this maybe a misleading error message where the issue is actually something else?

Thanks in advance

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We are having the same issue. Bumped. – Pittsburgh DBA Oct 25 '13 at 2:39

See this recent link HERE Someone from MSFT says that data center maintenance is happening. Not sure if that's the real reason though.

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