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Is it possible to run the COFF executable files on UNIX or the ELF executable files on Windows? And what would be the steps to be able to run either file type on Windows and UNIX. I'm just curious.

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SFA/SUA only runs PE executables compiled for NT. – ephemient Dec 14 '09 at 3:49
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To actually run executables and have them do useful stuff, you need to worry about the API, not just the executable file format. On a Linux machine with WINE installed, you can run Windows .EXE files from the command line and they do the same thing that they do on Windows.

The other way around is not really possible, however if you install CYGWIN on a Windows machine, and then rebuild the application from source with CYGWIN compilers, you will get an executable that runs on Windows and does the same thing that the Linux executable does on Linux. Lots of standard Linux tools are already ported and in the CYGWIN repository including stuff like X-Windows and GIMP.

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As I commented on in another answer, sf.net/projects/line attempted to be the inverse of WINE, running unmodified Linux binaries on Windows. The project has been abandoned for years now, but it definitely shows that the concept is possible. If I recall correctly, it could run a few statically-linked console programs, and IPC was in the works. – ephemient Dec 16 '09 at 2:27

http://lbw.sourceforge.net/ works better than line. low was another project for doing the same thing, but that was the less working.

EDIT: http://atratus.org/ seems to do the same as well, without the need to have Interix/SFU.

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COFF was originally introduced by UNIX (around System V or thereabouts) so yes, some UNIX probably still supports COFF format. It's been deprecated by Linux at least for a while, and presumably most other Unices have also deprecated or outright dropped support.

Windows ELF support is a bit more iffy - almost certainly not there without some deep trickery. You should be more specific about what you're trying to do here...

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sf.net/projects/line did manage to load ELF executables on Windows -- that may be a good starting point for somebody motivated. – ephemient Dec 14 '09 at 4:22

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