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I want to store something with my defined class:

case class Contact(var name: String, var phone: Option[String],  val email: String)

object Contacts extends Table[Contact]("CONTACTS") {
  def email = column[String]("email", O.PrimaryKey)
  def name = column[String]("name")
  def phone = column[String]("phone", O.Nullable)

  def * =  name ~ phone ~ email <> (Contact.apply _, Contact.unapply _)

The error is:

[error]  cannot be applied to ((String, Option[String], String) =>
models.Contact, models.Contact => Option[(String, Option[String],
String)]) [error]   def * =  name ~ phone ~ email <> (Contact.apply _,
Contact.unapply _)

I understand that if I change Table[Contact] to Table[(String, String, String)], it would work. But I just want to make Contact as a table and the Contact class can server for another class like Contact can server the User class.

How should I implement this?

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Are you sure the error isn't that your phone column is String-typed, while the phone field is Option[String]-typed? On an unrelated note, do you really mean to use mutable fields in your case class? –  Aaron Novstrup Sep 20 '13 at 22:37

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The compile error is simply a result of the type mismatch between the phone field (Option[String]) and the phone column (String).

As @cvogt suggested, you can fix the mismatch by using an Option for the phone column:

def phone = column[Option[String]]("phone")

Alternatively, you can change the * method so that it will correctly convert between the case class's Option field and the table's Nullable column:

def * =  name ~ phone.? ~ email <> (Contact, Contact.unapply _)
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can you tell me why if I delete " <> (Contact.apply _, Contact.unapply _)" there is also error? –  user504909 Sep 21 '13 at 1:38
Yes. Roughly, the type of the * method has to correspond to the type of the Table. If you remove that part, the type corresponds to (String, Option[String], String). By providing the <> part, you're expressing how to convert between that type and the Contact type: Contact.apply converts a (String, Option[String], String) to a Contact, while Contact.unapply converts a Contact to a (String, Option[String], String). –  Aaron Novstrup Sep 21 '13 at 3:58
While this answer compiles and does the right thing in this case, it is not the suggested way to do it. O.Nullable should not be used. Use an Option type instead. –  cvogt Sep 21 '13 at 10:46
@cvogt Agreed. Using an Option would express the intent better. –  Aaron Novstrup Sep 21 '13 at 16:43

Use an Option type instead of O.Nullable for phone:

def phone = column[Option[String]]("phone")
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