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I have a database in azure and now I am creating a new mobile app that can access the data. SO I tried copying the tables following this tutorial:

I can see only the table name and valid number for records, and when I click on the table, it throws me an error saying that data was not loaded: ERROR 400.

Here was the query I used to resolve as given in tutorial but it gives me syntax error.

INSERT INTO sport-ody.NEW_EVENT_DETAILS (eventId, locationId, eventStartDate, eventEndDate, eventDescription, displayFlg, lastModDate, soldoutFlg, eventName)
SELECT eventId, locationId, eventStartDate, eventEndDate, eventDescription, displayFlg, lastModDate, soldoutFlg, eventName FROM sport-ody.EVENT_DETAILS 

Please guide. I cannot find much tutorials on it.

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Please reply people.. Is it some really stupid question? I apologize but its my first time with azure and I am stuck in it. – Atihska Sep 21 '13 at 17:38

I made a mistake on your schema name. On the beginning, you wrote sport_ody (with "_") and in your query you wrote sport-ody (with "-")

Change this to correct the syntax error.

The Azure Mobile service use the Service Name to create a SQL Schema but it will change the hyphen by an underscore. So will create a schema with name my_mobile_service.


Jérémie Devillard

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