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I want to write a Windows command script (*.bat) to execute msbuild against two visual studio projects (via *.sln files). The problem is that I need to execute the second Msbuild only when the first build execute successfully. Otherwise, the second Msbuild does not execute.

Below is the partial script I need to run.

pushd c:\project1\


Below is the result of first command


  0 errors  

The second command only executes when the first runs without error

pushd c:\project2\

msbuild project.lab.sln /p:visualstudioversion=10.0

The command windows pauses after runs

Could anyone show me how to read the result (e.g. 0 errors), and the logic to determine if to run the second line (I am new to command script). Code example would be appreciated.

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at first you should check if msbuild is setting an errorlevel. –  Endoro Sep 21 '13 at 1:32
You might find the conditional batch operators &, && and || useful. But I think it'd be hard to make a simple one-liner if you want appropriate conditional use of popd. –  Tom Blodget Sep 22 '13 at 23:22

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As Endoro says, it should set an errorlevel.
Add this as your 2nd command

if not errorlevel 1 msbuild command two
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