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I'm trying to find a free downloadable dictionary (or Corpus might be the better word) which I can import into MySQL. I need to words to have the type (noun, verb, adjective) associated with them. Any tips on where I can find one? I found one several years ago that worked nicely, but I no longer have it around.

Thanks! Chris

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Project Gutenberg has public domain books you can download.

This includes 'The Gutenberg Webster's Unabridged Dictionary', but nothing modern, and not in a format immediately suitable for import into a MySQL database.

Not without some work, anyway. What was the one you found "years ago" ?

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http://www.desiquintans.com/nounlist looks pretty good... I searched 'nouns.txt' and it came right up.

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As of today, this link leads to a 404 error. –  Mathieu Rodic May 22 at 3:44
Thanks Mathieu, I fixed the link. –  ravensgo May 22 at 11:44

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