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In a simple view-based project, I added a variable in my appDelegate file using the following code:

NSObject* gObj;

@property(noatomic,retain) NSObject* gObj;

@synthesize gObj;

Then, in my testviewController.m viewDidLoad method, I added the following test code:

testAppDelegate* delegate = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];

NSObject* p1 = [NSObject alloc] init];//the reference count is 1
delegate.gObj = p1;//the reference count of p1 is 2

[p1 release];//the ref of p1 is 1 again 
[delegate.gObj release];//the ref of p1 is 0 

NSObject* p2 = [NSObject alloc] init]; // a new object
delegate.gObj = p2;//this time the program crash,   why? should not the pointer be supposed to be re-used again?

Thank you.

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Format your post so that the code is in code blocks. Clean it up. It will pay dividends. – Sneakyness Dec 12 '09 at 9:00

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it's crashing because when you do

delegate.gObj = p2;

internally the setGObj method of your delegate releases the old value of gObj before retaining the new value.

so instead of

[delegate.gObj release];

when you're done with p1 you want to do

delegate.gObj = nil;

which will not only release p1 but also tell the delegate to let go of it.

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