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Here's the error I'm hitting

NoMethodError: undefined method `group' for Sunspot::Search::StandardSearch:

I have sunspot version 1.2.1 and solr version 3.6. I also tested the grouping functionality with the solr version installed on my server by modifying the url and it works like a breeze.

However it breaks with the current sunspot version I have. I updated the sunspot gem to version 1.3.3 but it still breaks.

I'm pretty sure the syntax is correct because I followed the examples in the documentation:

I've looked around and this is the relevant answer i've found but doesn't help. Maybe i'm missing something?

Group using Sunspot/Solr?

These are the gems i've got installed:

gem 'sunspot_rails', '1.3.1' gem 'sunspot_solr'


Here's the code that is breaking. It is same as the documentation. ':question' is a single value text field I want to group on. do |group|
  puts group.value
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Could you show the code that produces the error...? – polmiro Sep 24 '13 at 18:29
It is same as in the documentation. question is a single valued text field I want to group on: do |group| puts group.value end – Karan Verma Sep 26 '13 at 20:49

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Problem Solved

Grouping is supported in Sunspot version 2.0.0

Hence the simple fix was just including the sunspot 2.0.0 gem and a bundle install.

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