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I have working script which stores the html forms i have created in mongoDB. It works awesome. However, i can't search any of the data i place in mongo, because i don't have an index.

I realize I could create the index from the console, but for my system to work the way we need, I really need the index to be created when the data is stored. So, i need to place code in the javascript that actually creates the code 9using node.js or directly).

I tried the following javascript (with node.js), but it does not appear to work.

app.post('/:db/:collection/formSubmit', function(req, res) {
    var json = form2json.transform(req.rawBody);    
    var db = new mongo.Db(req.params.db, new mongo.Server(config.db.host, config.db.port,mongoOptions ));
        db.open(function(err, db) {
        db.authenticate(config.db.username, config.db.password, function () {
        db.collection(req.params.collection, function(err, collection) {
      collection.insert(Array.isArray(json) ? json[0] : json, function(err, docs) {
    res.header('Content-Type', 'application/json');
    if(req.is('application/xml')) {
    } else {
    es.send(json, 201);       
// my attempt to create an index while posting a form follows
    db.core.ensureIndex( { "document": 1 } )    


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You need to call ensureIndex on the collection:

collection.ensureIndex({ "document": 1 }, function (err, indexName) {    
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