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I am building a sencha touch application, in which I have requirement to load controller dynamically mean (programmatically), not through defining it in app.js.

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Try this code:

Ext.require(controller, function() {//controller - "App.controller.Name"
    var c = Ext.create(controller, {application: this}), controllers;
    The "getController" returns "undefined" for a dynamically loaded controller, so the "controllerInstances" should be updated.
    controllers = this.getControllerInstances();
    controllers[controller] = c;
}, this.getApplication());
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Did this work out for you? I need to do something similar. My controller is located in the Controllers directory and this method didn't seem to work for me when I ran it inside a view's initialize listener. – Cam Tullos Jun 9 '14 at 22:57
This worked for me, but I didn't use all of the example. I just used the Ext.create(...) line and then the 3 lines that added the controller to the ControllerInstances collection. The value I used for the controller name in controllers[controller] is just the 'Name' part of the controller class name (everything after the 'App.controller.' part) – jcaruso Mar 3 at 19:08
Yes it worked for me. – Siminov Nov 22 at 5:33

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