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I am getting this error for the query below

Unable to create a constant value of type 'API.Models.PersonProtocol'. Only primitive types or enumeration types are supported in this context

ppCombined below is an IEnumerable object of PersonProtocolType, which is constructed by concat of 2 PersonProtocol lists. Can you please help why this is failing. Can't we use LINQ JOIN clause inside of SELECT of a JOIN. Please help

            var persons = db.Favorites
                            .Where(x => x.userId == userId)
                            .Join(db.Person, x => x.personId, y => y.personId, (x, y) =>

            new PersonDTO
                personId = y.personId,
                addressId = y.addressId,                   
                favoriteId = x.favoriteId,
                personProtocol = (ICollection<PersonProtocol>) ppCombined
                                    .Where(a => a.personId == x.personId)
                                    .Select( b => new PersonProtocol()
                                         personProtocolId = b.personProtocolId,
                                         activateDt = b.activateDt,
                                         personId = b.personId
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This cannot work because ppCombined is a collection of objects in memory and you cannot join a set of data in the database with another set of data that is in memory. You can try instead to extract the filtered items personProtocol of the ppCombined collection in memory after you have retrieved the other properties from the database:

var persons = db.Favorites
    .Where(f => f.userId == userId)
    .Join(db.Person, f => f.personId, p => p.personId, (f, p) =>
        new // anonymous object
            personId = p.personId,
            addressId = p.addressId,   
            favoriteId = f.favoriteId,
    .AsEnumerable() // database query ends here, the rest is a query in memory
    .Select(x =>
        new PersonDTO
            personId = x.personId,
            addressId = x.addressId,   
            favoriteId = x.favoriteId,
            personProtocol = ppCombined
                .Where(p => p.personId == x.personId)
                .Select(p => new PersonProtocol
                    personProtocolId = p.personProtocolId,
                    activateDt = p.activateDt,
                    personId = p.personId
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The key part for me was adding .AsEnumerable() // database query ends here, the rest is a query in memory –  Sameer Alibhai Jun 3 at 17:55

Review if casting the select (IEnumerable) to collection works.

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The casting to IEnumerable gives the same error. The query does not like using variable like ppCombined. It works when I use db.PersonProtocol however I am not able to get the desired results as in ppCombined in one query –  user2515186 Sep 21 '13 at 7:13
This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. –  gipinani Nov 21 '14 at 17:07

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