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I was wondering if someone could tell me how I get a TypeSafe URL to a static resource. I've got "/static" as a subsite serving files, but I'm unclear on how to refer to specific files from there using typesafe URLs. The idea is that I could include them in things like addScript and such.

I am very new to Yesod, but I couldn't find an example like this in either the Yesod book or in the FPComplete tutorials.

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Something like this: src=@{StaticR img_myimage_png}

Yesod looks inside the static directory and the file name will contain the directory name separated by _. Replace . with _ too.

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How would I get that as a route i.e. something I could pass to addScript? –  jmite Sep 22 '13 at 3:27
Okay, so this is assuming that I"m using scaffolding, which I probably will end up doing. Anybody know how to do it without scaffolding? –  jmite Sep 22 '13 at 5:20
addScript should take StaticR img_myimage_png as a param. I have only used the scaffolded site so you probably want to check the Yesod Book for creating subsites manually. –  Ecognium Sep 24 '13 at 21:42

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