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I was wondering if someone could help me out.

I have a number, it could be 004 or 010 ... I would like to subtract it by 1 and keep the leading zero.

Everytime i try to subtract, it always takes away the leading zero.

for instance

004 - 1 

This always ends up as just


But i would like it to be


Having said that if i have 010 and i subtract 1 i would like it to be 009

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Do your calculations with integers then change to a string to display them. then concatenate "0" or "00" where needed eg

c = a - b

displayvalue = cstr(c)

if c < 100 then
displayvalue = "0" & cstr(c)
end if

if c < 10 then
displayvalue = "00" & cstr(c)
end if
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Continue doing the math as you are but include some padding 0's using the Right and String functions.

Dim a, b
a = 003
b = 1

Right(String(3,"0") + cstr(a-b), 3)
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