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I have been looking for these solution for 3 weeks, and it seem like nobody care about it. Is it possible to enable gzip on blogger? If not, how to increase blogger speed if I'm using too many script?

Thanks in advance.

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You probably ran some SEO tool on your website an it told you to do so. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't support gzip. I would recommend that you add all the scripts to one js file and use it.

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Gzip is a good compression method to reduce the http request size and there by decreasing page load time.

If your blog is hosted in google blogspot / blogger, then you don't have to worry about gzip compression of your blog because google does it by default to all the blogs.

To confirm, there are many online tools available to check if gzip compression is enabled to your blog. It is checked by analyzing the header response for your blog.

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