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var loc="/blah/blaah.html"


   url: 'xyz.php',
   type: 'POST',

xyz.php is creating a html snippet file in the fllowing format:-

<li id='messagebody'> <ul> <li><img src="abc.jpg" width="42" height="42"></li> <li id='content'>asdjkshadjhasdjjasdhjas</li> <li>21 Aug 20013</li> </ul> </li>

i have tried callback in .load:-


and also tried by generating the snippet with style attribute:-

<li id='messagebody'> <ul> <li><img src="abc.jpg" width="42" height="42"></li> <li id='content' style='overflow:hidden;'>asdjkshadjhasdjjasdhjas</li> <li>21 Aug 20013</li> </ul> </li>

none of the above method is working but when i inspect elements in browser it shows the style added to the desired list element (li#content).I am using jscrollpane for the div is this creating problem?

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If the browser shows the style attribute and its value correctly, then the add style part is working. What is your expectation and how is the output different from it? Is it not hiding the overflowing content? –  Harry Sep 21 '13 at 8:42

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it was the jScrollPane which was preventing the overflow from being hidden. Solution i have found out is by setting contentWidth: 0px of the jScrollPane element.

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You can use jQuery .done() method, and pass function there as a callback. And in that function add a class to an element. It is better than adding inline styles.

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Try this

    url:  'xyz.php',
    method: 'post',
    success: function(response)
   $('#content').css('overflow', 'hidden');


On a side note I'd avoid mixing single and double quotes on HTML attributes

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