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I have the string in jQuery like:

<select id='orderlist-0' name='orderitems[0].orderitem.OrderItemId'></select>
<span class='field-validation-valid' 

Now I want to replace all the 0's in [] with 1's. Which is the easy and efficient method ?

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The HTML mark-up you've posted is the string you're working with? Or does the string come from elsewhere? –  David Thomas Sep 21 '13 at 10:07

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You can use regular expressions to search and replace in strings.

var str,

str = "<select id='orderlist-0' name='orderitems[0].orderitem.OrderItemId'></select><span class='field-validation-valid' data-valmsg-for='orderitems[0].orderitem.OrderItemId' data-valmsg-replace='true'></span>";

re = /(\[)(0)(\])/g;

str = str.replace(re, '$11$3');
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Try this

var s="your string here"
    var result=s.replace(/0/g, '1');
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