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how can I get this format in javascript:

Saturday,September 21,2013

I did this

var date= new Date();
 var d= date.getDate();

but all I am getting is 21 wish is the number of the day

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I'd suggest you to use a Moment.js library to effectively work with date and time in JavaScript.

var date,
date = new Date();
dateString = moment(date).format('dddd, MMMM, DD, YYYY');


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You can use the following methods:

var d = new Date();

d.getDate()      // returns the number of the day
d.getMonth()     // returns the number of the month (starting from 0)
d.getDay()       // returns the number of the day in the week
d.getFullYear()  // returns the full year, i.e. 2013

In order to use month and day names you can easily write a convertion function:

function nameOfDay(dayNumber) {
    return [

and a similar one for the months.

(or maybe, if that functionality is very used in your application, you can use an extern library like datejs or Moment.js)

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