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I've a iOS app and I would like my users to upload images to S3 directly.

I need UserX to be able to upload folders to __MY_BUCKET__/UserX/* Only. So that each one of my users have their own folder and only they can modify content in them.

Given that scenario I need to create dynamic permissions to my S3 bucket

Is that possible?

If it is... maybe I am in the right path or not....

What I've done so far is

I am using this guide to create Elastic Beanstalk with a Token Vending Machine. Then I used this other guide to configure the TVM.

Now my issue with that in none of the guides it shows an example of how to register a dynamic user (my app user) or how get the token from the TVM or how to say "Hey TVM, this userID needs upload access to __BUCKET_/ThiUserID/*" from a iOS app.

So I guess what I wonder, is how do I fill the gaps if what I am trying to achieve is possible?

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I'm one of the maintainers of the AWS Mobile SDKs. The page you linked to includes projects for both iOS and Android that show how to integrate the customized TVM code in a mobile application. I suggest you look there and if you need further clarification, please update your with specific questions about the code.

You may also want to look at our web identity federation sample which is included with the SDKs. In combination with IAM policy variables, you can generate dynamic policies without the use of a Token Vending Machine.

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